Your Current Everyday Practice: Between talking therapy and beyond

December 5, 2015 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Fulcrum House
Dowry House
3 Grove Rd, Bristol, City of Bristol BS6 6UJ
Judy Shaw
07799 135 323


Bristol – Your current everyday practice:
between ‘talking therapy’ and beyond 

with Michael Soth 

Sat, 5 Dec. 2015 at Fulcrum House

This is a one-day CPD workshop for reflective practitioners (counsellors and psychotherapists) and forms an intro-day for an embodied, relational CPD group with Nick Totton and Michael Soth

This day offers a space to reflect on your current practice, in terms of the tension between verbal and non-verbal interaction, and to explore how you are using your capacities for ‘implicit relational knowing’ (which is a term used by the well-known Boston Change Study Group), and how that translates into your therapeutic responses and interventions.
We will briefly clarify and explore the notion of ‘implicit relational knowing’, but spend most of the day enquiring into your practice, and your bodymind experience within the therapeutic position.

A useful distinction in terms of the therapist’s internal process is between perceptions, understandings and interventions –  three aspects which interweave in our stream of consciousness when we are working. We can enquire how these three processes hang together, how your awareness of body and mind – the client’s and yours – feeds into this,  and how your responses emerge out of your perceptions and understandings, in the context of your modality and theoretical framework.

As this day also functions as an intro-day to the ongoing series of weekends on embodied, relational approaches to psychotherapy, it will not introduce any new ways of working, but is an opportunity to explore and reflect on the bodymind process of your current practice in your established modality.
The potential of extending and expanding your practice and presence through embodied and relational perspectives will be addressed in the ongoing course.

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