Insight Dialogue

an interpersonal meditation practice

Insight Dialogue is an interpersonal form of Buddhist insight meditation, developed by Gregory Kramer. Insight Dialogue has its roots in the four foundations of mindfulness, the central teaching of Vipassana practice. The Bristol Insight Dialogue group was set up and initially facilitated by Jane Cutler and Jane Whitehead, who have been attending retreats and facilitator workshops with Gregory Kramer since 2009. The group is slowly expanding and has developed into a peer group, where regular members who have attended at least one retreat with Gregory Kramer now also facilitate the group.

“Humans are a social species. The path is presented here as encompassing our innately inescapably social nature.
The Dhamma is offered in very direct human terms and so must include our relational lives.”
From ‘Insight Dialogue’ by Gregory Kramer.

Insight Dialogue builds on our experience of individual practice. In this group, we meditate with each other in spoken enquiry. We practice side by side and silent and we also meditate face to face and aloud. We interweave Insight Dialogue and silent meditation. Insight Dialogue is an opportunity to be truly present, as we encounter one another.

Anyone with an established meditation practice is welcome to join the group at the beginning of a term of practice.

Meetings are held Wednesday evenings in 8-10 week terms.  There are occasional all day workshops.


Jane Cutler & Jane Whitehead

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