Music Imagery Therapy

Music Imagery Therapy involves listening to pre-recorded music in a deeply relaxed state. The music evokes visual and other sensory images, feelings, memories, insights or body sensations. It is gentle in the sense that the client’s own psyche takes the lead in revealing ‘images’ only when the client is ready. The music naturally works with the body’s wisdom. It can be powerful in that the music can move straight to the heart of feelings, experiences or insights if the client is ready.
The whole process or journey is in itself a creative experience, with the music being central. It incorporates the whole body, mind and spirit. The therapist supports this process.
Music Imagery Therapy is based on the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (BMGIM), which is a depth oriented music psychotherapy method developed by Helen L. Bonny, Ph.D. during her time as a research music therapist at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center.
It uses specially designed music programmes. The client’s experience of the music reflects their self, personal relationships, feelings, and life experiences. This brings to consciousness new awareness, leading to significant personal insight. Furthermore, the music can tap into deep transpersonal levels of consciousness, bringing experiences, which move beyond insight to spiritual connectedness, healing and transformation.

For more information about Music Imagery Therapy, see the official site for the Association for Music and Imagery who regulate the membership and training of all Music and Imagery therapists worldwide.


Helen Mason