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Bridget_GrewYou may be seeking counselling due to life circumstances past or present, trauma, relationship difficulties, bereavement, phobias or perhaps a less defined feeling of anxiety, depression, dis-ease or ‘not feeling yourself’.

My role as counsellor is to provide a relationship where you are able to tell your story and feel safe, truly heard, understood and accepted. This can sometimes be enough.

Usually during our work we are able to see patterns of behaviour or ways of relating in the present that have been born from the past and this can help you to understand yourself more fully. When we have a better understanding then we can make more informed choices.

You may have feelings that seem too unbearable to feel and fear falling apart. As your counsellor I would be there with you. I would also be along side you as you build yourself back together.

Counselling provides an opportunity for all parts of ourselves to have a voice and be heard. Through listening, support and challenge from me and a commitment from you, counselling can bring about a more integrated self. Then there is possibility for positive change.

The heart of my practice comes from a belief that someone knows themselves better than anyone else. Therefore, my work is person centred and humanistic, working gently, sensitively and at an individuals own pace. I also believe it is important to understand when a persons unconscious self is wanting expression. Therefore, I will also work psychodynamically to encourage the unconscious into the conscious with the hope of an individual understanding themselves better.

I run a successful Private Practice for both long and short term clients.
I worked for several years for Cruse, Bristol offering bereavement support (

I have worked with 11-16 year olds as a School Counsellor.


Diploma in Humanistic & Integrative Counselling from BCPC
BSc(Hons) Psychology

Professional Bodies

I am a member of BACP and abide by their ethical framework
BCPC (Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling)

Days at Fulcrum House

Weekdays and evenings

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