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Body-psychotherapy: DNA (Dynamic Nature Alignment)

John Leigh Dent

Entering into therapy is like a journey along a river through unexplored territory. You don’t always know where it will lead or what’s around the corner. It can be wild, exciting, still, interesting, uncomfortable, scary,  wondrous and of course… unpredictable, but as you adapt to new strange landscapes, the more confident, whole and empowered you become.

The body and the mind are not separate. Feelings affect thoughts and vice versa but thinking too much prevents moving forward. Contrary to this; physically moving can be a way of connecting to feelings. Body-psychotherapy holds a space for both dialogue and movement. There’s no typical session because no two people are the same, I see my role as an ally to you on your journey as you learn to navigate the rapids and find your calmer waters.

Over 30 years ago I discovered through searching, finding, connecting to and releasing deeply buried emotions that profound changes happen within, This spurred me on to develop a deeper understanding of the mind /body link. I’ve now witnessed countless others break free of their own binding chains.

I see people individually, runs groups/workshops and also hold sessions outdoors. I am founder of Dynamic Nature Alignment (see website)


Reichian Deep-bodywork (dip)
Embodied Relational Therapy (Adv. Dip)
I also hold certificates in: Transcultural Counselling, Postural Integration, Wild Therapy, Psychodrama and Massage (ITEC)

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