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Counsellor and Psychotherapist

John WallerHello my name’s John Waller

I’m a counsellor and psychotherapist with 13 years of experience in private practice.

I work in a way that integrates counselling with the most helpful aspects of the various psychotherapy approaches I’ve studied, trained in and worked with over the years. I bring to our sessions a balanced, common sense, holistic approach combining person-centred counselling, CBT, and mindfulness. This approach I’ve found to be most helpful in alleviating and preventing low mood/depression and components of depression such as anxiety, anxiety related conditions and stress.

For some years now I’ve been running private mindfulness courses that are designed to prevent low mood/depression and components of depression such as anxiety and stress. This work and required training has helped me develop a particular expertise in the areas of depression and depression related conditions. Often it can be helpful to develop a mindfulness meditation practice alongside individual counselling or psychotherapy. If clients are interested in this there is the opportunity to enrol on one my 8-week Mindfulness course. During courses participants are eligible for individual counselling sessions at a much reduced rate.

I’m currently part of Exeter University’s associate staff network providing supervision, advice on service development and training in (see:”). I am also currently (2013) running the Mindfulness MBCT course on Bath University’s Doctorate Clinical Psychology  programme.

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Advanced diploma in Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

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