Tarisha Finnegan-Clarke

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A Mindfulness Based, Body Centred Psychotherapy


I work in a relational, body-based way underpinned by a psycho-dynamic, psychospiritual conceptional model known as Core Process Psychotherapy. What this means in practice is that I do not just listen to the material you bring to the session, but I also let myself be impacted on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. During therapy I facilitate the growing awareness of the presence of all these levels of experience. This is because why we struggle is mostly unknown and mysterious to us. We can often find ourselves repeatedly feeling and acting in a way that does not create happiness for ourselves or for others, but we feel powerless to change these dynamics. By being with the material together, in a safe and supportive way we become aware of what wants to be ‘known’, felt and processed. Often clients have reported, a lightness, a courage and a sense of meaning returning to their life. This may be because as integration takes place on all these levels, a great depth is created which can sustain us when things get tough’.


I have clinical experience in the private and charity sectors. I have worked with adults and adolescents with a variety of presenting difficulties including; depression, generalised anxiety, relationship difficulties, affairs and betrayals, post-traumatic stress, loss and bereavement, anger and control issues, separation and abandonment issues, substance dependence, low self-esteem, abusive relationships, multiple-selves, divorce, pre and peri-natal issues, post natal depression, ‘stuckness’, Borderline Personality Disorder, dissociation, and ME amongst others. I also work with people who are struggling with spiritual and existential issues.


MA Core Process Psychotherapeutic Practice
Post Graduate Dance Movement Psychotherapy
BSc (Hons) Clinical Communications

Professional Bodies

ACPP Association of the Core Process Psychotherapist
UKCP The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy
ADMP Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapists
MRCSLT Member of the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists
CAPPP Counsellors & Psychotherapists in Private Practice

Days at Fulcrum House

I work on Mondays and Thursdays at Fulcrum House.

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